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One month after losing their home, school and every possession to Haiti’s earthquake, 100 children from the Maranatha School and Orphanage came together and created 209 masterpieces of art.

The project was the initiative of Rogue Space Gallery owner and documentary filmmaker Kevin O’Hanlon.

O’Hanlon collaborated with artist Richard Laurent and the Life For The World team to bring canvasses and painting supplies to Maranatha which has been the home and school to over 100 children since 2002.

The children have been sleeping outside, on the streets or under tents since the earthquake.

“This was one of those mutually abundant situations. We got to experience the mindset of these amazing children at a pivotal moment in their lives, while bringing so much joy to kids who had never held a paintbrush or seen a blank canvass before. The project empowered them, affirmed their artistic abilities and set them on a creative path their own solution. They are Haiti’s future, the generation who will rebuild.”

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